Going Mobile

Young women and men are making choices every day that will affect them for rest of their lives!

The newest vision God has M08.jpg
given Choices is a
Mobile Medical Unit!
A state-of-the-art medical facility that can go anywhere, park in a regular parking space and offer, pregnancy tests, ultrasound and STI testing.

college.jpgThe Mobile will be used for EIU
students as well as Lake Land
students and it can travel to the
 outlying areas of our six-county
service area. Instead of sitting in
our centers waiting for them to
come to us – we can also go to them!

Many abortion-vulnerable women have never heard of a pregnancy center or the resources we have to offerMP900442378.jpg in their crisis situation. They don’t know that they can “see” their unborn child in the womb.

Many young people are unaware that
most Sexually Transmitted Infections have no signs or symptoms. Going mobile will allow us to reach them with love, compassion, truth and hope right where they are.                                   Mobile_Inside_2.jpegM30.jpg

We believe that going “mobile” is one of the most effective strategies for reaching our precious young people with the information they need to make better choices!       


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