Our Services

All services are completely free and confidential. All medical services are provided by licensed medical personnel. All other services are provided by trained client advocates.
Medical Services

  • Pregnancy Testing
    • Laboratory quality
    • Immediate results
  • Limited OB Ultrasound
    • Confirms the presence of a viable intrauterine pregnancy
    • Estimates gestational age of fetus
    • Detects fetal cardiac activity

Other Important Services

  • Pregnancy and fetal development information
  • Medically accurate information on abortion procedures, side effects & risks
  • Verification of pregnancy for Medicaid and WIC applications
  • Referrals for prenatal medical care and other community services
  • Peer-counseling and emotional support
  • Childbirth and prenatal education
  • Parenting and Life Skills instruction
  • Material items for mother and baby
  • Adoption and foster care information
  • After-abortion support counseling for women and couples
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