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Client Testimonies

Here's what our client's say about us

"The Crisis Pregnancy Center has helped me in so many ways!  They have helped me learn more about my pregnancy, about being a parent, and how to take care of my  baby.  I have also been able to earn Baby Bucks to purchase items I needed for my baby in their Baby Store.  They have been so kind to me, and have offered support to me in so many ways. I am so thankful they are there!"

"At first I wasn't really sure the Crisis Pregnancy Center was the right place for me.  I never really thought my pregnancy was a crisis, but a gift.  Once at the CPC, I quickly learned that the CPC isn't all about crisis, they just want to help.  They help by caring, being there for us, and teaching everyone who is willing to learn.

They have taught me about what to expect while I'm pregnant, about SIDS, and even what my smoking can do to my infant.  If it wasn't for the CPC, I would have never been remotely as prepared to be a mother as I am now.  I still have so much to learn, but I know the people at CPC will be there for me."

"There are a lot of things CPC has done for me and my son, Jacob.  They have taught me how to care for him and how to make good decisions for him and assisted me with diapers.  They have helped me in more ways than I can tell you!  If you ask me, the CPC is a blessing from God for people that need resources and training to provide for their children."

"The CPC has been a place of healing for me.  Several years ago, I chose to have an abortion, and I have struggled with that decision since that day.  I knew my decision was wrong, but I felt that my situation, at the time, left me with no other option.

Through the PACE (Post Abortion Counseling & Education) program at CPC, I have found peace and healing.  The staff and volunteers at the CPC never judged me, and they loved me, even when I couldn't love myself! The CPC has been a huge blessing to me!"

"My pregnancy was unplanned, and I was scared, confused, and close to an emotional breakdown. I had no hope of life getting better.  The father of the baby wanted me to have an abortion and while I didnt't want one, I felt it might be the best solution.  After visiting the CPC and talking with Donna, she showed me that there was a special life inside of me.  I felt hope again!

After several months of counseling and prayer with Donna, I began to get excited about being pregnant and having a baby.  My son, Evan, is a sweet and beautiful boy and a blessing to me.  Without CPC, I don't think I would have Evan today."
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